W3 was founded by two alumni of Translation from UNL-FCSH in the civil year of 2016.
They wanted to create something in order to shape the Translation business in their fields of specialization of choice: Technical-Scientifical & Comic Books.
But why these two fields in particular?
From their point of view, they’re “two” areas which bring together lots of people. The myth of the Tower of Babel, Alchemy (which led to nowadays Science) and Translation have the same objective: to bring people, the World, together.
And with emphasis in these two fields, W3 hopes to bring people and minds together.
To grow in order to fill a gap in the market, to expand to new horizons.
To be part of the academic sphere.
That is W3.

“The process of translating from one language to another, for how similar they might be, is comparable to that of Alchemy.
Both require understanding, deconstruction and reconstruction. All of these steps have to occur without (almost) anything being lost in the way, so that the final product is as similar as to the original.
It is necessary to understand the source text, all of its nuances, formulas and immediate and hidden structures behind the tapestry which is a text, and consecutively deconstruct it without pity nor mercy, so that in the end we may reconstruct the whole structure, similar but different, in a different system.
Translation is to Alchemy what words are to elements: essential constituents of our society, without whom we wouldn’t be able to survive.
Translators are alchemists of the words, which shape and uprise the words.”

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